We’re Building A Shed (Part 1)

It seems like we’ve always got some sort of project we’re working on out here.  While most of them are somewhat small, like planning the garden or chopping wood for the woodstove, we have one big one we’ve been working on for a few years now.  We’re in the process of building a shed.

I guess most people assume when I say shed I mean a small storage area like where you would keep your lawnmower & yard tools; but this isn’t exactly the case.  Our shed is quite a big larger.

We started the building process back in January of 2012.  We haven’t hired any help except when pouring the footings.  Nathan and his dad are basically doing all of the work.  A lot of our friends have come out to help too which has been great.  Nathan has some hard working buddies who don’t mind trading labor for some beer and/or whiskey.

Here are some photos from the beginning of the process.  Not much other than clearing out the building site got done in 2012.  We started digging the footings out the following year.  Here are a few photos from that process.

Shed 1-2012

Future site for the shed. Jan 2012


October 2012



3 generations hard at work. October 2013

Have to throw in some pup pics!  The pack is always around keeping an eye on our projects.

Shed- Jet

This is what Jetty brought me to play fetch with.

Izzy shed7

Izzy keeping watch.


We got started on the foundation in November.

Shed forms

December 2013

The rest of the forms were up by December and we were ready to pour the rest of the concrete.  But then came THE. COLDEST. LONGEST. WINTER. EVER.

I may be exaggerating a bit, but it was seriously terrible.  We had record snow amounts and record lows.   Nathan is all about working outside in the winter, but even he couldn’t handle that winter.  So shed work was basically put on hold until May of 2014.


Done with the forms! July 2014

The concrete got poured & the forms were all off by mid-summer.



The framing begins.


Nephew Otto (aka foreman Otto) telling me how the building process works.


Trading labor for beer.


November 2014

It ended up being a pretty productive summer.

Besides storage, we’re also going to finish off a small part of the upstairs.  As of now we’re planning on a small bathroom, one bedroom and an open kitchen/living room plan.  We’ve also included a sun porch in the design.

Part 2 of the shed process up next!

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