Meet The Pack!

In no particular order, here are our fur babies:

Jetson (aka Jetty)


We got Jetty as a pup.  His favorite things include playing fetch, walks in the woods, playing fetch, trying to herd Izzy (see below), playing fetch and playing fetch.  Did I mention he loves to play fetch?

Izzy (June 2008 – Aug 27th, 2016)


Technically, Izzy isn’t really our dog.  She belongs to my boyfriend’s parents who live just down our private lane from us.  They got her as a pup.  Once we got Jetty, they became best buds and Izzy decided to move in with us so they could be together.  🙂  Izzy loves going for walks, rawhides & sleeping.

Pete (sitting on Jetty)


Oh, Pete.  Where do I begin?  I found Pete on the streets of a bigger town about an hour from where we live.  Pete had a shoestring collar/leash on and was living on the streets with a homeless man.  I sat down on the curb next to them and before I knew it the man had handed him off to me and asked if I would take him.  He said he was unable to care for him.  So, what else could I do?  Look at that face!  🙂  Pete loves swimming in our pond, walks in the woods, sleeping on his back, cuddling, kisses, playing with his furry siblings & just life in general.  He is a happy boy.


Blog- Osa

Another dog who isn’t really our dog.  Osa is Izzy’s sister.  She is actually my boyfriend’s sister’s dog who also lives down our private lane.  Sometimes she sleeps at our place & sometimes she sleeps at her place.  Osa loves swimming in the pond, walks in the woods & playing with Pete.  She occasionally likes to eat and/or roll in random dead things, too.

Ettie (Ettie Mittens)

Blog- Ettie

My boyfriend found Ettie as a kitten in the middle of a very cold winter in the parking lot of our local body shop.  Her eyes were nearly frozen shut and she was not in very good shape.  He put her in his truck and brought her to me.  I got her to the vet as soon as possible fearing she wouldn’t make it much longer.  Luckily, she came through and is the sweetest little girl ever.  We originally name her Ed, after the original owner of the body shop, thinking she was a he.  After learning she was female, we changed Ed to Ettie.  It just sounds more girly, right?  It just so happens that the day she was found was also my birthday.  She is easily the best birthday present I have ever been given.

Grease Monkey


Guess what?!?  Grease Monkey is yet another pet who isn’t technically ours!  He was found by my boyfriend’s mom as a kitten on the side of the highway.   When she stopped, he ran up into the wheel well of her jeep and got covered in grease.  She took him home and decided to name him Grease Monkey.  He found his way up to our cabin, found a cozy spot in the loft and decided to sleep there nearly every night.  When he’s not sleeping, you’ll find him catching mice, begging for food or cuddling.


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