Portraits Of A Perfect Sunday

We made the best of the last few weeks of winter. It involved a lot of walks…

Along with some fiddle practicing & bird watching…

A few naps…

And definitely a lot of snuggling…

We’ve got lots of projects planned for spring. I’m anxious to get started. First up for me will be getting the garden spots cleaned up and ready for planting. Nathan’s been focusing on the shed.

As for the pack, Pete & Osa will be putting all their energy into some pond swimming, Jetson plans on countless hours of fetch with various items he finds, & Monkey just plans to keep pretending he’s one of the dogs.

Goodbye winter!




The weather has been so amazing here lately.  It hasn’t really even begun to feel like winter is around the corner.  Today it was nearly 80 degrees.  I was sure to get a couple good walks in with the pups (and Grease Monkey) before and after work.


I’ve been consistently going to hot yoga classes for the last month or so and I feel so good.  I’ve noticed a major shift in my mood on the days I go to class.  I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning so I can make it on time.  This is astounding to me as I AM NOT usually a morning person.  The fact that I’ve been sacrificing my precious sleep shows me I’m doing something I love.

Speaking of things I love, I started getting the woodstove ready last weekend.  It’s not winter I love so much as it is sitting by the fire.  I switched the plant shelf for the log holder and stacked some wood Nathan had already split up.  Pete had other plans…


After a few (thousand) rounds of fetch and some wood stacking we called it a day and opted for a more relaxing evening.


Here’s to more 80 degree November days.