Saving some greens…the plant & the paper kind!

I’m a big smoothie drinker.  I love to add a handful or 2 of spinach or kale to them for some extra nutrition.  I’m constantly buying those giant tubs of organic spinach from the grocery store whenever they’re available.  Lately they’ve started carrying big bags of organic kale, too.  I can’t resist buying them when I’m there b/c we live about 30 miles from anywhere that carries organic greens so I try not to make more trips than I have to.  I’ll be so excited when my garden (hopefully) starts producing some spinach & kale so I can save some trips to town and some moolah.  **Garden post coming soon!!**  Update! Find garden post HERE.

The only downside to buying so many greens is that sometimes I can’t eat them before they start to go bad.  Luckily, I found a great way to solve this problemo!  And it is so easy.  All you will need is:

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