Welcome To The Dog House

Here’s the dog pile after our morning walk today.  Can you find all 4??  You can get to know them all a little better here.  🙂


It was pretty humid out so they were all happy to get back into the air conditioning & lounge around.   Osa came up this morning too!  Lately she’s been staying at her place down the road, but she decided to come up the hill for a visit today.

On most days I take Jetty & Izzy to work with me & leave Pete at home.  Pete tends to get a little too excited at work.  This can sometimes include jumping on customers and the occasional butt/crotch sniffing of customers.  While I think it’s hilarious, sometimes it just doesn’t go over too well.  Aaaaand it’s probably not good for business.

My co-pilots, Izzy & Jetty, on our way to work.

My co-pilots, Izzy & Jetty, on our way to work.

Jetty sleeps under my desk all day excluding the few fetch breaks he reminds me of every couple of hours or so.  I’ve got a desk drawer full of tennis balls, Frisbees & some other random fetch toys.  He knows the sound of the drawer when I open it and runs to the back shop door before I even have a chance to stand up.

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