Welcome To The Dog House

Here’s the dog pile after our morning walk today.  Can you find all 4??  You can get to know them all a little better here.  🙂


It was pretty humid out so they were all happy to get back into the air conditioning & lounge around.   Osa came up this morning too!  Lately she’s been staying at her place down the road, but she decided to come up the hill for a visit today.

On most days I take Jetty & Izzy to work with me & leave Pete at home.  Pete tends to get a little too excited at work.  This can sometimes include jumping on customers and the occasional butt/crotch sniffing of customers.  While I think it’s hilarious, sometimes it just doesn’t go over too well.  Aaaaand it’s probably not good for business.

My co-pilots, Izzy & Jetty, on our way to work.

My co-pilots, Izzy & Jetty, on our way to work.

Jetty sleeps under my desk all day excluding the few fetch breaks he reminds me of every couple of hours or so.  I’ve got a desk drawer full of tennis balls, Frisbees & some other random fetch toys.  He knows the sound of the drawer when I open it and runs to the back shop door before I even have a chance to stand up.

Getting cozy behind my desk.

Getting cozy behind my desk.

Izzy likes to lay right in the middle of the aisle in the storefront so she’s sure to get some good belly rubs.  She really loves Fridays when our salesman, Scott, comes and feeds her about a million treats.  Izzy & Jetty both know the UPS delivery man quite well, too.  He’s always got a handful of treats for them.  It’s rough (I guess I should say ruff..harhar) at work for a dog.


“Ruff” day at the office.

Doggy Pile (Jetty, Izzy, Pete)

Doggy Pile at work (Jetty, Izzy, Pete)

Happy Tuesday!

~ Lacey

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