Making The Switch To Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

  • Caution
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Glycol Ether
  • Eye and skin irritant
  • Do not ingest or breathe vapors
  • May release hazardous gases
  • Get immediate medical attention if….

Blog- Caution

These are just a few of the words and warnings you can find on your standard household cleaners.  This doesn’t even begin to cover the ingredients list in most cleaners.  I had to sound some of them out and then Google them to help me understand what they even were.  There’s something a bit unsettling about having to Google ingredients of items I plan on using in my home.  Try it!  It’s eye opening!  It was for me, anyway.  It’s seems like a bit of an oxymoron to be “cleaning” your home with products that, if used incorrectly, could make you sick or seriously ill.  Check out this scary link.

So after much Googling followed by a lot of saying “What the F$#k?!?!” to myself outloud, I did some research and found a way to make my own cleaners with natural products!  Eff you chemicals!!

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