Fresh Snow, Fresh Start

Resolution is defined as a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

The new year always presents this idea.  To a lot of people, the new year is a gateway to a fresh start.  It’s a way to put the past behind us and move forward in a better and (hopefully) more positive direction.  I can’t deny that I too am intrigued by the idea of ‘starting over’ with each new year.  There are always things about myself I’d like to improve upon.  While this is true, I try not to go too overboard with any resolutions I make.  Sometimes the smallest changes can have the most impact.

I know we’re already halfway through January, but I thought I’d share some of my resolutions here to hopefully help hold myself accountable.  I’m also sharing some recent pics of the pack and I enjoying one of our first snowy days of the winter.

Snow 2016

  • Don’t let the actions of negative/toxic people affect my mood.  This is a big one for me.  I’ve started countless days in a great mood only to realize someone around me has completely ruined it with their negative behavior.  Realizing that I am in control of my own thoughts, feelings and how I react to the people that surround me is something I have been consciously working on.

snow1 2016

  • Taking time to enjoy the day instead of rushing through it.  I always find myself starting my days with a to do list & then spending my days with the constant urge to cross things off of that list.  While it is nice to get things done, not everything needs to be done as soon as possible.  There are many more important things that happen day to day that should be enjoyed.  I owe a lot of this feeling to Izzy.  ❤ ❤ ❤

snow3 2016

  • Spend more time with family.  There is really no need to explain this one.  Family is everything to me.  Time is precious.

snow4 2016

  • Devote more time to myself.  I’d like to spend more time doing things that I enjoy; things that make me feel good about myself.  Yoga is one of the more recent things I’ve discovered that I really enjoy.  My overall mood has improved since I began taking early morning hot yoga classes.  I never expected to love it so much.  I’m not a morning person, but after becoming aware of how much better I feel if I get up and take some time out for myself, I’m slowly becoming one.


Happy New Year.


~ Lacey ~



The weather has been so amazing here lately.  It hasn’t really even begun to feel like winter is around the corner.  Today it was nearly 80 degrees.  I was sure to get a couple good walks in with the pups (and Grease Monkey) before and after work.


I’ve been consistently going to hot yoga classes for the last month or so and I feel so good.  I’ve noticed a major shift in my mood on the days I go to class.  I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning so I can make it on time.  This is astounding to me as I AM NOT usually a morning person.  The fact that I’ve been sacrificing my precious sleep shows me I’m doing something I love.

Speaking of things I love, I started getting the woodstove ready last weekend.  It’s not winter I love so much as it is sitting by the fire.  I switched the plant shelf for the log holder and stacked some wood Nathan had already split up.  Pete had other plans…


After a few (thousand) rounds of fetch and some wood stacking we called it a day and opted for a more relaxing evening.


Here’s to more 80 degree November days.



Winter Prep Day

We’re spending our day today cleaning up some trees that fell over last winter & this past summer on our land.  We gave away the last of our wood pile to some friends a couple of weeks ago so we need to replenish our supply for this winter.  I spent part of yesterday moving all of my plants away from & off of the wood stove & getting the wood holders ready.

Wood Stove

We recently were able to buy 3 1/2 more acres of timber from our former neighbor who sold their property.   Outside of the timber around our property is a lot of agricultural land; mostly corn & bean fields.  We’re always worried someone will buy the land that meets our property line and clear out the trees.  That is our biggest fear.  When the opportunity to purchase the extra few acres arose we jumped at the chance.

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