First Winter Snow

We got a hefty amount of snow a couple weeks ago.  I always love the first good snow of the season.  We woke up to beautifully covered trees.  After I got the wood stove going, I bundled up in my Carhartt overalls & snow boots & took the pack for a walk through the woods.

One Lane Road

It was seriously like walking into a fairy tale.  Sounds silly, I know, but it was so gorgeous.  I love the silence of the woods after it snows.  It’s like everything is sleeping.


Snow 2

Pete & Jetty were having a ball.

Pete snow

Pete Snow2

Jetty snow

Jetty snow2

Izzy wasn’t too excited.

Snow Izzy

Oh Izzer…she cracks me up.  If she were a Disney character she would definitely be Eeyore.

Here are a few more shots I took.  It was a pretty laid back weekend.  I didn’t mind at all.



One lane bridge

~ Lacey ~

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