My Gardening History + This Year’s Attempt: Part 1

I remember one of my first gardening attempts quite well.  I woke up pretty hungover with my friend, Hilary, on a Sunday morning.  After drinking a couple Bloody Mary’s we (rationally) decided to take a little trip to Lowe’s, buy some plants, go back to my place, drink some vodka lemonade, plant a garden, drink a little more vodka lemonade and lay around in the sun admiring our beautiful creation.



It doesn’t look too bad in this photo but after a week or so it was pretty rough.  The soil we planted in was pretty sandy and we didn’t really space things out right & the entire crop basically died within a week or so.  Ooops.  At least we enjoyed some cool drinks on a hot day.


My old kitty, Willow (aka Rocket Monkey), chilling on Hilary’s back after a hard 30 minutes of work.

Benny with Vodka

My boyfriend’s parents’ cat, Benny, checking out some vodka lemonade.

It was a Sunday Funday at it’s finest.

Despite this harrowing outcome I’ve managed to stick with the gardening attempts & have actually had minimal success!  By minimal, I mean planting something, caring for it until it grows, picking it & actually being able to consume it (without fear).  I’d almost call myself a gardener.  Almost.

We’ve made a few more garden attempts the last few years.  The first couple years we basically found a pile of dirt, stuck some plants in them & watched them grow.  Tomatoes, some peppers, cucumbers & a few types of lettuce were our starters.   The next year I added some herbs in an old horse trough that was on Nathan’s parents’ land.  That worked out pretty well.

Jetty the gardener  Garden Trough

Once you get the dingo out of the planter the herbs will grow.

This year we decided to try using concrete blocks to make a couple of raised beds behind the cabin.  Here is the spot after Nathan started to level it out.



We got the blocks from a local hardware store for a pretty reasonable price.  The best part about them is how long they will last.  I also wanted to plant some flowers in the holes of the blocks to deter insects from some of the veggies.



The niece and nephew came to help with the dirt.



Nathan’s dad brought his tractor up to haul some dirt out of the timber.


We put some lettuces in the back bed and some tomatoes and peppers in the front bed.  I have yet to do anything with the holes in the blocks, of course.  I might get to that sometime this summer.  We’ll see. 😊

More updates to come!!

~ Lacey

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