Winter Prep Day

We’re spending our day today cleaning up some trees that fell over last winter & this past summer on our land.  We gave away the last of our wood pile to some friends a couple of weeks ago so we need to replenish our supply for this winter.  I spent part of yesterday moving all of my plants away from & off of the wood stove & getting the wood holders ready.

Wood Stove

We recently were able to buy 3 1/2 more acres of timber from our former neighbor who sold their property.   Outside of the timber around our property is a lot of agricultural land; mostly corn & bean fields.  We’re always worried someone will buy the land that meets our property line and clear out the trees.  That is our biggest fear.  When the opportunity to purchase the extra few acres arose we jumped at the chance.

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Pete The Ladder Climbing Dog

So we’ve been building a shed.  I hope to have a post with all the photos up very soon.  But in the meantime, here’s a little Pete story for you to enjoy.

Pete climbs ladders!

We were finishing up the shingles on the roof when I turned toward the ladder to see a familiar brown face looking at me.  Pete had somehow made his way up the ladder.  I instantly freaked out and ran to him to try to help him the rest of the way.  He was already at the top so onto the roof was the next safest option.  Nathan also ran over and we were able to pull him up the rest of the way to which he was very delighted.  Once he was safely on the roof we all had a good laugh before carrying him back down at the lowest point.  Maybe he slept on roofs back in his homeless Pete days?  Who knows.  I do wonder if he would’ve figured out how to get back down.

Rooftop Pete

Me & “Rooftop” Pete